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Gilder Grids

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TEM Specimen Support Grids & SEM Finder Grids
Using Our Online Catalogue
The entire product range has been divided into eleven basic categories. Full specifications for each category are available by using the pictorial menu to the left.
 Clicking on an individual product code from within one of these pages will generate a unique specifications sheet for that product, which can also be accessed by using the drop-down menu above - available from anywhere within the Gilder Grids website.
 An alternate high resolution image of the product can be viewed from within its specifications sheet.
• Most of the products have orientation aids located in their rims and/or centres. Further details on these markings are available in the Centre/Rim Mark Specs page.
• All TEM products are available in 3.05mm width by default.
• A one page, text only version of the Gilder Grids UK price list is also available.

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