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Trace protein nucleic acid detection


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PICO100 Trace protein nucleic acid detection 光度范围 0.02-22A.U 波长范围 220-950nm 波长范围 220-950nm $12,740.00  

The Pico100 enables the user to maintain the highest levels of user and sample protection and eliminate the risk of cross contamination or carry-over on the sample platform.

The advanced polymer technology used to make the UVpette tips ensures precise UV absorbtion measurements between 230nm and 850nm, making it ideal for applications involving nucleic acid, protein, or microarray dye concentration determination.

The Pico100 is controlled through a powerful PC based software for an overall smaller footprint and price.

Through a friendly and intuitive user interface the PICO100 allow the user to easily switch between protocols for Nucleic acids, Proteins and Microarrays. The software automatically calculates all the values required including concentration, purity ratios and dye concentrations. Each sample can be given a unique reference and resulting data can be stored to your personal directory in MS Exel format, for later analysis.

The choice of electronic or manual pipette, ensures you can maximize throughput without compromising reproducability or quality of results.

As an optional extra we offer a 10mm cuvette holder which is compatible with all standard cuvettes. The cuvette holder does not require a dark environment and is compatible with standard cuvettes from 10mm to 1mm pathlength.

Additionally, the cuvette holder can be used with the Helma tray cell for microvolume applications. An optional label printer can also be connected allow instant print-out of results in graphical and text format.



Path Length 1mm to 10mm
Sample Volume typicaly 2µl
Lamp ( 6yrs) Pulsed Xenon
Detector Type CCD
Photometric Linearity < 1% @ 546nm
Photometric Range (10mm equiv.) 0.02 - 22 A.U.
Wavelength Range P100 230 - 850nm
Type of Control PC Control (MS Windows)
Wavelength Reproducability 1nm
Spectral Bandwidth 3nm
Absorbance Precision 0.003 (1nm)
Detection Limit (DNA) - tip 3 - 1200ng/µl
Detection Limit (DNA) - cuvette 0.4 - 120ng/µl
Detection Limit (BSA) - tip 0.1 - 25mg/ml
Detection Limit (BSA) - cuvette 0.02 - 2.5mg/ml
Read Time 3 seconds
Dimensions (cm) 16x28x12
Weight 2.5kg
Printing via PC
Digital Output Ethernet port to PC
Robotic Control RS232
Software PC format
Protein Settings direct and indirect