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Friction-Drive Test Tube Head


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G099A RD65 Friction-Drive Test Tube Head EA $330.20  

This aluminum disk is equipped with spring clips to hold test tubes for such operations as blood agitations, isotopic competitive protein binding assays, and similar procedures. A clutch permits stopping the head to insert and remove tubes without turning off the motor. The spring clips permit the tubes to be inserted radially from the side of the clip rather than the top. The clips are adjustable so the tension can be adjusted to the precise amount preferred for a particular diameter tube.

Size: 14" (36cm), anodized aluminum disk. Furnished with 31 spring clips to accommodate 10 mm- to 18 mm-diameter tubes and 16 spring clips to accommodate 20 mm- to 30 mm-diameter tubes.

099A RD5512 or RD4512 rotator recommended for this clamping head.

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