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Twin-Disk Test Tube Head


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G099A RD10 Twin-Disk Test Tube Head EA $696.80  

Frequently used for embedding tissue for electron microscopy, the no-slip design of spaced disks with springs conveniently holds a combination of test tubes, bottles, syringes, etc. Tubes are easily inserted or removed by deflecting leaf spring between disks. Clamps will not scratch glassware.

Accepts 22 pieces of glassware each up to 25mm in diameter or 44 pieces up to 16mm. Head may be adjusted so that tube contents won't touch cap. Adjustable disk orientation provides gentle mixing (tube axis parallel to rotator shaft) or more active motion (a three-dimensional figure-8 motion).

099A RD5512 or RD4512 rotator recommended for this clamping head.

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