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Gilson Pipette PIPETMAN


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P1000N Gilson Pipette PIPETMAN EA 100-1000uL $171.21  

Gilson PIPETMAN Neo P1000N is a variable volume air displacement pipette with reduced pipetting forces for dispensing volumes between 100µl and 1000µl with precision accuracy and ease

PIPETMAN® Neo is an evolution of the original PIPETMAN® P that addresses the growing susceptibility of pipette users to repetitive strain injuries, offering up to 50% reduction of pipetting forces. Purchase your PIPETMAN® Neo PCR Kit! Each starter kit contains three PIPETMAN® Neo pipettes and certified-quality boxes of Gilson tips. We've also included three Jimmy™ microtube openers, three single™ pipette holders, a "Two Minute Pipette Inspection" chart, and a Gilson Guide to Pipetting.