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Art is a leader in molecular imaging products for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries

Molecular imaging is an integral part of ART's technology platform and its future. Already, ART's success in developing its molecular imaging capabilities for small animals is influencing the way basic research is carried out. The transition to ART's medical imaging applications for humans could have sweeping implications for radiological practice in the future

The development of the Optix time-domain imaging system takes an important step forward in whole-body small animal fluorescence imaging techniques to advance it from a qualitative tool to a volumetric representation of the fluorophore concentration distribution

The Optix MX3 optical molecular imaging system provides the most extensive qualitative and quantitative data available for non-invasively measuring and visualizing exogenous and endogenous fluorescent processes in vivo. Unlike other optical imaging techniques, the time domain technology used in the Optix system provides accurate recovery of depth and relative fluorophore concentration and enables true 3D representations of fluorophore distribution. This unique ability offers the opportunity to pursue high-performance whole-body imaging in such research disciplines as oncology, neuroscience, cardiovascular disease, and ADMET

The system architecture has the following main parts: an acquisition system that collects raw data from the sample and analysis software that evaluates and displays parameters of interest. Each system is equipped with a computer, monitor, and keyboard

Analysis Software

OptiView, which is pre-installed on all Optix system computers, is a unique tool designed to manage and analyze data collected on the Optix system. Acquisition data includes TPSF or CW data from fluorescence experiments, as well as the camera capture and profile views of the specimen. Signal conditioning is applied automatically when acquisition files are opened in OptiView