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Oil-free diaphragmvacuum pump


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DP60 Oil-free diaphragmvacuum pump EA $214.50  

The machine features

DP60 dual-purpose diaphragm vacuum pump has the following characteristics:

"This product without any medium (no oil) operation state, do not produce any pollution, at the same time, the gas exchange chamber equipped with a filtering material, so as to guarantee the vacuum clean effect or positive pressure air power.

The design of the machine adopts the new technology, new materials, compact and reasonable structure, small volume, light weight, convenient to move. Stable operation can ensure the air vacuum effect ideal or high flow.

In the frictionless state film body movement, no heat, no friction loss, long service life.

Design of this machine has self cooling air exhaust system, 24 hours of continuous operation.

The design of the adjustable pressure, stable flow can satisfy the vacuum performance within a certain range or control.

Technical parameters

Suction and exhaust velocity (L / min) 60

The working temperature of the pump body (c) <60

The limit pressure 0.08Mpa

Vacuum 200mbar

Positive pressure of 40 Psi

Noise (DB) <55

The inlet and outlet aperture (mm) 6

Dimensions (mm) of 300 × 160 × 235

Motor power (W) 160

Machine weight (Kg) 10

Working environment temperature (7-40)

Note: double pump head of positive and negative pressure type